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Book Review: Common Errors in Statistics (and How to Avoid Them)

One way or another, every mathematicians will use statistics to tell stories to his/her clients. This book came out on 2003. And I wish it had come out much earlier.

The back cover of this book reads, “A guide to choosing and using the right techniques.” I’ve referred to this book often since I bought it. Using this book has kept my statistical hypothesis and data collection solid (when I referenced Part 1 -Foundations). Dr. Phillip I. Good and Dr. James W. Hardin collaborated on a very useful guide to applied statistics.

This book ought to be one of the first books a mathematician buys. Just as roads and highways inevitably grow potholes, applied statistics inevitably has a few errors. A skilled statistician will spot and fill analytic potholes before his/her work goes out the door. Because top-notch statisticians spot check and peer-review their work product before distributing it, this book could well be the last book a statistician references. My analytic work is stronger from referencing clear ideas about estimation, hypothesis testing, reporting and more (in Part 2).  The models I’ve built hold together from guidance about univariate and multivariate regression and validation (in Part 3)

Review by Steve Kolk

Author: Phillip J. Good & James W. Hardin

Publisher: Wiley

Published: 2003

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