Book Reviews by Steve Kolk


Book Review: Drawdown This book should be on the shelf, the nearest handy shelf, of anyone passionate about slowing down and also reversing climate change. Better yet, [...]


Book Review: Statistics of Extremes This is the seminal book on Extreme Value Theory. The original Statistics of Extremes text was published by Columbia University in 1958 Reading the [...]


Journal: CLIMATE CHANGE doesn't care if you BELIEVE Please, please lend your voice to climate change actions. My grandchildren and yours depend on it. Don't let them [...]


Book Review: The Thinking Person's Guide to Climate Change You're a thoughtful person if you are reading this review. And probably interested in climate change, too, if [...]


Book Review: What We Know About Climate Change, Second Edition Kerry Emanuel is my go-to author for insight into Hurricane science. His book Divine Wind, is in my [...]


Book Review: High Tide on Main Street, Revised and Updated (2nd Edition) While living in St. Petersburg, Florida I had the pleasure of waking up every day [...]


Book Review: The Rough Guide to Climate Change. 3rd Edition Here is another book that should be on the nearest handy shelf, of anyone passionate about slowing [...]