Book Reviews by Steve Kolk

This is my working library of reference books for the Sustainability Risk assessments I do. Click on any book to read my review of the book. Then, after you read my review, vote for the books that spark interest with you. Books with the most votes will become case studies in my blog.


Book Review: Drawdown This book should be on the shelf, the nearest handy shelf, of anyone passionate about slowing down and also reversing climate change. Better yet, [...]


THE GREATEST ERROR ASSOCIATE WITH THE USE OF statistical procedures is to make the assumption that one single statistical methodology can suffice for all applications. -page 77


Book Review: Extreme Events In Finance This book is practically the "A-Z" book on applying Extreme Value Theory, really the "B-W" book. This Wiley book is one [...]


Book Review: Statistics of Extremes This is the seminal book on Extreme Value Theory. The original Statistics of Extremes text was published by Columbia University in 1958 Reading the [...]


Journal: CLIMATE CHANGE doesn't care if you BELIEVE Please, please lend your voice to climate change actions. My grandchildren and yours depend on it. Don't let them [...]


Book Review: The Thinking Person's Guide to Climate Change You're a thoughtful person if you are reading this review. And probably interested in climate change, too, if [...]


Book Review: What We Know About Climate Change, Second Edition Kerry Emanuel is my go-to author for insight into Hurricane science. His book Divine Wind, is in my [...]


Book Review: High Tide on Main Street, Revised and Updated (2nd Edition) While living in St. Petersburg, Florida I had the pleasure of waking up every day [...]


Book Review: The Rough Guide to Climate Change. 3rd Edition Here is another book that should be on the nearest handy shelf, of anyone passionate about slowing [...]