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2018 – My Year to Begin Blogging

Why another blog? Because some big issues sparked my passions in recent years. I’ve done quite a bit of reading about them. And the time has come to turn the tide in my life and go from reading to writing. What will I be blogging about? Read on…

During my journeys in recent years, I have been increasingly fascinated by climate change issues. This issue has a global impact and needs many perspectives to understand it. My own perspective on this issue is a fascination with how climate warming of the globe affects sea level rise. A series of events during the past few years sparked this interest. I did some in-depth scientific research on storm surge and sea level rise. I spoke about that in several cities. Then job circumstances led me to live in St. Petersburg, Florida for a while just a two-minute walk from Tampa Bay. Gulf of Mexico beaches were just a short drive away. As result I have enjoyed many seaside visits during the past year. That gave me a daily opportunity to see tide waters ebb and flow. Most seaside places have two tides per day. I just heard yesterday that Tampa Bay is one of two unique places in the world that has three tides a day. I will be investigating that and be sharing what I learn at some point on this blog. Days spent in St. Petersburg and much time spent on a North American committee of actuaries got me fascinated with climate change science, especially as regards the risk of Sea Level Rise.

I am also a life-long fan of the Detroit Tigers and major league baseball. I’m sure I’ll find myself watching many games there this year. I’ve read many books about baseball, mostly focused on the mathematical side, which is called sabermetrics for the uninitiated. Sabermetric baseball data and analytic mathematics has matured. I will be writing about this from many angles.

As an actuary, I enjoy juggling statistics. Both of the topics just mentioned will be fodder for this blog. Applied mathematics to investigate Climate Change and MLB Baseball will become subjects of these blogging kolkulations.

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