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Dear Friends and Internet Travellers! Kolk here, with Kolkulations for you

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Dear Friends and Internet Travelers!

I am a mathematician. I like juggling numbers and squeezing stories out of them that help people understand their world by measuring and quantify things quickly for them. My college training led to a career as an actuary in many insurance companies. While talking one day with an underwriter at the biggest insurance company I worked at, she said to me, “Steve you do very nice calculations. You do Kolkulations.” That inspired my domain name, which I’ve been using for personal email for many years.

In this website I will and sharing my Kolk-ulations.  This kolkulations blog will post my calculations of interest, which are mathematically flavored explorations of things that fascinate me. This will often be of climate risks that fascinate me (which are growing as the globe heats up) and occasionally of baseball sabermetrics (my explorations of MLB statistics for fun).  My aim is to share beneficial ideas and fun topics for you to ponder and explore with me.

-Stephen Lee Kolk, sometimes known as Captain Tangent.